Three All Time Best College Teams

The apex of college football experience is when your team emerges the winner. Nothing beats the anxiety before, the near misses, the late touchdowns, and the wild explosion of the crowd at full time. Although it has little relevance on educational value, college football will continue being etched in the culture of most schools.

Since the inception of college football, some teams have dominated entire seasons, some have been known for significant upsets. In contrast, others have attracted massive crowd sizes. The best college teams in history include the following.

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes represent Ohio State University and are known for their rich football history. They have been an ever-present college team since 1890. Currently, they play in the Big Ten Conference.

The Buckeyes fans and players are a proud lot. And why not? The Buckeyes hold stupendous college football records. They hold an all-time record of 37 conference titles and eight national titles. Of the ten undefeated seasons it boasts of, six are foolproof seasons.

The USC Trojans

The University of Southern California hosts probably one of the best teams in college football. The USC Trojans are known to be a well-oiled machine and a formidable opponent on any day. They play in the Pac-12 Conference.

The Trojan’s list of victories is endless. They have claimed 11 national championships and outsourced many talented players to the NFL. On top of these achievements, they boast of 12 players in the Hall of Fame inductees.

Oklahoma Sooners

While representing the University of Oklahoma, the Sooners have won 45 conference titles and have been crowned national champions on seven occasions. This team has also produced five Heisman Trophy winners. Some of the said legends include Jason White and Adrian Peterson.

When you make a trip to the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium during match days, expect deafening crowds. Love for the Sooners is unmatched.