Top 10 great coaches from college football (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the best head coaches for college clubs. In general, college clubs are well-known in some countries like the USA, UK. They consider that college environment plays an important role to train and find out young and potential players. Therefore, they also invest to build up high-quality college tournaments.

From the former article, we refer two great coaches: Steve Sarkisian and Kevin Sumlin. Now, we continue to share other names in our ranking.

3, Art Briles

Art Briles is considered as one of the best head coaches in football college when he contributes to make frame and achievements for many high school football clubs and college clubs.

He started his pro career at the manager of Texas which was a high school club. He was successful to train their student to make offensive innovation and strict style in performance. These features brought series of success for his club. So, his reputation aslo was being spread throughout the UK. 

Then he was invited to lead many college teams like club of the University of Housston, The Bears. His team usually was ranked on the top best clubs in NFL.

4, Jim Harbaugh

Before becoming one professional coach, Jim Harbaugh was a quarterback of Michigan and NFL. So, he had long experience to understand about NFL and college clubs.

He was admired strongly when he decided to take care of one weak club following Standford program. He determined to train them to become a stronger team in the future.

By talent and deep experience, he quickly turned them into new apperance. 

His team but also didn’t reach the bottom of ranking as before not only to reach high achievement in the first year. They were ranked the 2nd position in USC.

His contribution was impressive and famous in college football history.