Top 10 college footballers all time

In this article, we share top 10 greatest college players in football in NCAA tournament. Although the scale is around university, it is still welcome by many fans of football. The fact, there are many stars originating from the college tournaments. So it is considered as the good condition to practice and improve skills.

As strategies of the America football, they always focus on developing quality and profession for footballers when they are young so that they can express maximum talent and performance.

Coming our ranking about top the best players as followings:

6/ Charles Woodson from Michigan

Charles Woodson was a great player in 1990s. he was managed by 2 head coaches: Thorpe and Grange, so he was combination among some styles. These effects also impacted to his performance.

He contributed Michigan to reach winning for the national championship in 1997. Actually, he was still young, he was voted to incorporate in the offense. His ability made different and outstanding for Michigan.

7/ Archie Griffin from Ohio State

Griffin is ranked the top greatest college footballer when he has ever got two titles for the Heisman Trophy. He plays the anchor of Ohio State team although he only cares the halfback position. Even, someone calls him as a legendary with three yards and a cloud of dust.

By stable performance for all match, he has attention with professional style. He is also voted as the ambassador for college football tournament.

8/ Jackson from Auburn

Jackson made deeply impressive with heavy appearance but full of energy and passion for football. He was also voted for the unbelievable legends.

His team was from Auburn. His contribution was great to create his campus into some football clubs for professional activities. Some clubs included in the Crimson Tide, the Iron Bowl.