The Games That Matter in the NCAA

From nervous playoffs to in-season rivalries to post-season games, college football isn’t short of fantastic duels. With the chance to win silverware and with pride on the line, specific matches are fought with determination. Here are some of the most competitive games in NCAA.


Getting to the playoffs is no easy feat, but it’s the beginning of real work. What makes the playoffs more exciting is that only the finest teams are pitted against each other. College football playoffs are also a knockout competition. You either win and proceed to the next round or lose and head home. Four teams, a semifinal then the ultimate price; nothing gets more competitive than this.

These playoffs are played on New Year’s Eve and in different venues each year. A committee usually selects teams that make it to the playoffs. The criteria used when selecting these teams involves analyzing head to head records, championships won, among other statistics.

Bowl Games

College football fun doesn’t end with the conclusion of the regular season. The NCAA has crafted several post-season games to entertain football fans. One such post-season game is the bowl game. Bowl games are viewed as a way to stamp success among different teams.

Over 40 Football Bowl Subdivision games are played after each season. The most competitive matches are the last four. Four college teams are selected by a committee to play in two bowl games. The winners then proceed to play in the championship.

Opening Games

With significant reinforcement and plenty of rest, the first game of each NCAA season is usually competitive. Early losses signify problems for the entire season. Win big, and the team’s morale is raised.

Despite offering competitive games, the bar can be set even higher if the NCAA introduces promotions and relegation across different divisions.