Top 10 college footballers all time (Part 4- final)

We continue to collect top the best college footballers in the USA. Although scale is only in university, it is still well-known worldwide as a high-quality tournament to practice and develop professional footballers. So, it is welcome and loved by many students all over the world.
If you are a fan of football or want to develop career with this game, don’t miss our ranking.
9, Tony Dorsett

He was the first freshman to receive award for All-American in 1973 because of excellent achievements in sports.
During four years in university, he had good achievements. His style was improvisational and flexible against any opponent. Someone compared his running style like Barry Sanders who was a talented player in football.
He could run to top 1000 yards during 4 seasons. The record was 6526 rushing yards and 42 touchdowns became a legend for any new generation.
He also led the Panther to pick up the national championship as a captain. He was highly appreciated at the running back. However, he only had success at college leagues. After that, he didn’t keep stable performance.
10, Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe was the last name in our ranking. However, he was not the worse achievements.
He could reach the gold medal in both sections: pentathlon and decathlon at the 1912 Summer Olympics. He led his team to overcome other stronger teams to become the Championship with 12-1-1 record.
Under management of coach Pop Warner, his style was developed and exploited more interestingly at the running back and defensive back.
He was voted for one of the greatest players in the USA sports all the time.
His stories and achievements deserved to inspire effort and strong passion for the next generation of college football in the USA as well the world.