Division 2 and the Football Championship Division

The NCAA has created several divisions to even the playing field among college teams. Teams from the same regions and of equal quality are usually grouped in one division. While the Football Bowl Subdivision is well known, the remaining levels are as well competitive and thrilling. The top and bottom college teams in each level often overlap these divisions. Here are some of the lesser-known divisions.

Football Championship Subdivision (FCS)

FCS, which comprises of 124 medium-sized colleges, is the second-highest level in college football. Each regular season is composed of 11 games and after that a 24-team playoff. Although few games are broadcasted via cable channel, considerable FCS games are available online. Teams can have up to 11 coaches and about 80 players.

As per the NCAA rules, the selection of players to the various teams in FCS is very competitive. Most of the recruitment of players is done regionally. However, some schools from the Ivy League are allowed to recruit nationally. Athletic scholarships for incoming players are restricted to 30 per year.

Division 2 College Football

Division 2 of the NCAA features smaller regional football teams mostly from public schools. The regular season contains the same number of games as the FCS but features a 28-team playoff. This division isn’t short of action either. Epic battles are to be expected each season between the 169 teams present.

Some of the known teams in this division include Grand Valley State, Valdosta State, and North West Missouri. Although cable channels shun this division, expect all the drama if you head over to these matches.

Division 3

Division III is the lowest level in collegiate football. The schools here are customarily smaller colleges with few students. The schools in this division do not offer any form of athletic scholarships, and the levels of competition are quite low.