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Top 10 great coaches from college football (Part 1)

College football has been focused to develop and build up strongly in the recent time because the federation considers that this event is a good opportunity to practice or find out new talent in pro football.

The fact, there are many famous footballers also being outstanding or successful from this event.

To reach high quality for college football, it’s necessary to invest dramatical budget for head coaches. They play an important role to decide growth of footballers.

In this article, we refer to 10 great coaches from this tournament. They are helpful to contribute success and frame for college football as nowadays.

1, Steve Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian has a long career to be close with college football.

From 2001 to 2003, he trained at quarterbacks for USC. At there, he was considered as one of the youngest offensive minds of college football when he helped USD to reach some achievements from quarterbacks.

Then, he moved to Raiders to become an offensive coordinator and head coach assistant.

The highest achievement in his career when he managed the University of Washington. Thanks for his instruction, this team could rank the 3rdwhich has never reached before.

2, Kevin Sumlin

Although Sumlin has been lowly appreciated about greatness and contribution for college football, his talent and performance still are brightened in history.

From his style, it’s helpful to improve necessary disciplinary skills and adjust higher level. His students play well at quarterbacks and offenses. So that they are confident that they can do it anywhere.

Another strong feature, Sumlin has good ability to find out and train. He is considered as one of the best recruiters in this nation when there are series of famous players found out from them.

He contributed to train some famous players such as Myles Garrett, Speedy Noil or Ricky Seals-Jones.