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Top 10 great coaches from college football (Part 3)

Football in college is always focused and invested professionally at some developed countries like the USA, UK. They consider that this is a smart investment to own good footballers for the national team in the future. So, employing head coach for college football tournament is also cared and developed.

In this article, we continue to collect top the most successful coaches from the college competitions. They contribute their talent and effort to grow football strongly and powerfully.

4, Jimbo Fisher

Fisher has been closed his carrer with the Florida club. So, he has contributed to push this team to become one of the best team in the USA.

During his career, he has two outstanding characters: ability to train the powerful quarterback and ability to recruit new player.

He is the first person to find out and train some famous stars for the national team like: JaMarcus Russell, Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel and Jameis Winston. Furthermore, he helps the Florida club to win many championships and titles, such as the winner of national tournament in some times or other national titles.

5, Gus Malzahn

Gus Malzahn has removed to many clubs like Arkansas, Tulsa, Auburn during his career. Even he has ever been sacked then invited to come back the original position because they found that no one could suit and train their club well as Gus.

He was outstanding with dynamic ideas about offense. In the first time, people felt his training way was crazy, then achievements of his student proved that it was correct and special.

When managing Auburn, his team reached title in the BCS national championship in 2010 season. Furthermore, his students broke some records about total scores in one match, effect of attack position so on.