Top 10 greatest college footballers all the time

Football is a favorite sport of many people, including in the students in universities. We can see that several talent and star in football can start from amateur competitions in universities. 

Or another way, college leagues are good choice to practice, exchange and brighten up themselves. 

In this article, we share top greatest 10 footballers from the tournaments in universities all the time.

3/ Tommie Frazier from QB, Nebraska

Fraizer was highly appreciated as the best player all the dynasties of the college football with series of achievement.

His peak career was 1990s under the Nebraska dynasty, he reached many titles and trophies for this team. Such as the winner for national championship in 1994-1995, the Florida Fiesta Bowl in 1996, so on.

He was also a great leader when he led his teammates to rushing attacks. Under his management, all his teammates were confident and energetic to compete. He was a great inspirer.

However, he never won the Heisman Trophy who was the highest competition in university.

4/ Red Grange from RB, Illinois

Chicago Warren Brown had nickname as Red Grange who had excellent performances at college tournaments like scoring four of five goals in the first quarter against Michigan made deeply impressive about a young talented player. Since this match, his nickname was launched.

He was a star halfback of the Illinois during his decade. He contributed to win the national championship in 1923. At this season, the Illinois team reached final score with 8-0 which made amazing and admiring for other rivals. Continuing to come success at the college tournament, he played an important role for the next three seasons. Then he moved to higher college level at the NFL.

Until now, he usually was repeated as the legend of “the Galloping ghost”.