Top 10 greatest college footballers all the time

College football is one of the most favorite sports for students in universities. To understand more information about this competition, we have collected the ranking for top 10 players all the time. We make survey from former players, media members as well fans of college football across the country.

Following our article to see more stories about footballers in college.

1/ Jim Thorpe, RB, Carlisle

Jim Thorpe was a great player when he got the gold medal in both pentathlon and decathlon of 1912 Olympics. He made many records in the fall with final scores 12-1-1.

Under management of the legendary coach Pop Warner, Jim had many opportunities to be voted as the greatest footballer in America college sport.

As a talent players, he could play at many positions from running back to defensive and even striker. Almost he made successes at any club he was a member. For example, he got 18-15 points against Harvard in 1911, 27-6 points against Army in 1912, so on.

In general, he had set the successful titles from the college football tournaments.

2/ Tony Dorsett, RB, Pitt

Tony Dorsett was called an All-American because he reached many achievements during his career.

When he was a freshman, he started to join Doc Blanchard in 1944. He had a free style to make confidence and fair-play to compete with his opponents.

During 4 years in university, he got many titles such as he was a fastest runner to top 1,000 yards or he also finished 6.5 rushing yards and 42 touchdowns which were high positions in the ranking of any college footballer.

Estimated some achievements, he got trophy with 2150 yards and 22 touchdowns at the leader role. He was considered as the hero to save his team as a senior. He and his team won the national championship.