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About history of college football


College football is regarded as one of the most popular sports in the USA for the young. It is annually held in major 4 stadiums of 4 famous universities, including the Penn State’s Beaver Stadium, the Michigan Stadium, the Ohio State’s Ohio Stadium and the Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium.

Estimated that it attacks more than 100,000 fans to cheer up for one live match. The game is usually sold out. Someone thinks that college football is a football festival for the young- students to communicate and develop their performance.

To understand more information about college football, we share some major events in history of college football. Following this article to know more about this tournament in the USA.

NCAA football history

According to growth of soccer in the USA, some leaders of universities discussed transfer matches to develop more skills for students.

As a good result, the first match between Princeton and Rutgers universities met in 1869 in New York. It was called the first intercollegiate game in the USA and gave positive feedbacks from students. In this match, each team had 25 players. The number of member was reduced gradually after years then stopped at 11 members in 1880 which still is valid until now.

To catch status of players, NCAA has been continued to updated new rules about field or method of playing game.

For example about playing field. The length of field was reduces from 120 yards down to 100 yards. The width also was in the same situation. It was decreased from 100 yards to 53 yard currently.

Or originally that a touchdown was 2 points and 5 points for a field goal correctly. But it has dramatically changed when a touchdown is valued 6 points while only 3 points for one field goal.